If you feel that your living room is too crowded, it probably is. Give the potential buyer a chance to feel and see your space, not just your stuff.



As home staging is a relatively new (and growing) aspect of interior design, you may not be familiar with the process. Here is how Interior Illusions will help you transform your spaces:

1. Decide what stays – it may be more than you think! If you currently live in the home that you are selling, Interior Illusions will work with your existing furniture, adding accessories such as new curtains, pillows and artwork. You’ll be surprised what a big difference these small changes make! If your house is already vacant, it’s time to bring in some furniture.

2. Appeal to the masses. You still want your home to have character, but remember that in order to sell quickly, the space should appeal to the masses. Each buyer has their own styles and preferences, so it’s important to keep the space as neutral as possible. Interior Illusions creates spaces that buyers can picture themselves living in, increasing your chances of a sale.

3. Create an inviting feeling. Having trouble visualizing the full potential of your space? Through staging, Interior Illusions transforms undefined spaces into practical ones, emphasizes your home’s endless possibilities and creates an overall welcoming feeling. Interior Illusions helps you create the inviting and appealing home your buyers are dreaming about.

4. Sell it! Home staging helps you sell your house faster and for more money. In fact, it’s so effective that according to the 2007 HomeGain Survey, a professionally staged house sells 50% faster and for approximately 6% more than a comparable house that has not been staged.



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